August 03, 2003

I never thought it would come to this. For a start, I don't feel like I have enough (or, come to that, any) original opinions to warrant writing them down and putting them somewhere for people to read; second, come on, I won't have time for this once school starts again; and third, I don't know, it seems like I'm far too cynical to actually participate in something as widespread and--*sniff*--common as blogging.

But, a certain short, blonde, volleyball-playing girl (okay, well, actually, she just stopped playing volleyball so I suppose that only makes her short and blonde, but these things sound better in groups of three) has been pestering and cajoling me to start so that she can continue to feel like a part of my oh-so-exciting life even though I'm leaving Boston. Plus, she just got me a glass of water so I feel like I owe her something.

Hmmm... I just read that last paragraph over, and my coyness kind of makes it sound like the short blonde girl (see, that doesn't sound nearly as interesting, does it?) is my girlfriend. So, to clear things up: she's not. I'm sure you'll be hearing about my actual girlfriend later (assuming I actually bother to come back and update this).

Um... Blog.


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