November 21, 2003

Bush State Visit Wraps Up

Today, George W Bush ended his official state visit to Britain with a visit to Tony Blair's Sedgefield constituency. He was met there by another 500 members of his unofficial fanclub, the Stop The War coalition. From the coalition, spokesperson John Rees seemed pleased with the protester turn-out during the President's entire visit to the UK, saying:

"We have made a mockery of this visit and it deserves to be made a mockery of because they wanted to make a mockery of us."

Mr Rees was then hit in the head with a thesaurus that had been thrown by one of the crowd.

Other protesters were also pleased at the success of their efforts this week. One anonymous woman in London had this to say:

"Standing here outside Downing Street amongst all these protesters makes me proud to be British. We don't do many things right in Britain but this time we've really come through . . . No one here is happy and it's not just anger at George Bush. I voted Tony Blair in and I won't be doing that again. The Liberal Democrats have got my vote now."

Back at LibDem headquarters, party leader Charles Kennedy responded, "YES! FUCKING RIGHT! THAT'S ONE, PEOPLE!!!"

Meanwhile, the President was rounding off the trip with a relaxed pub lunch, accompanied by the Prime Minister. The visit was meant to give the President an idea of traditional British culture, but failed miserably since Bush had non-alcoholic lager with his meal, and the other guests delicately sipped at soft drinks. The pub's proprietor was later heard to remark: "This has made a mockery of us, a mockery of pubs, and we must now make a mockery out of them, the mockers."


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