November 20, 2003

A Royal Mess

So, President Bush is in London, staying with the Queen. I saw a clip of them at a banquet while I was watching the news earlier, and I thought to myself:

What on earth could those two people possibly have to talk about?

And, well, then my imagination got the better of me and it all went a bit down hill from there... (Note: this is really a lot funnier if you imagine the Queen talking in that disdainful British accent she has.)

QEII: It's lovely to meet you, Mr Bush.
Bush: Ah'm the president.
QEII: Er.. Quite.

[awkward silence; secret service agent nudges Bush in the ribs]

Bush: Wha? Oh, I, uh... Thank you for invahting us into your home, Mrs The Queen.

[secret service agent nudges Bush again]

Bush: Ah'm sorry... I mean, thank you for invahting us into your home, Mrs of England.
QEII: [shakes head and sighs] It's my pleasure, Mr Bush.... Tell me, how are you enjoying London?
Bush: It seems very nahce, ma'am. Although... [confidential whisper] I think you maybe have a few too many policemen around here.
QEII: [would be staring incredulously at Bush if she wasn't the Queen of England] I'll look into it.
Bush: Ah have a country to occupah if they need somewhere to go.
QEII: That would probably be the Prime Minister's decision.
Bush: The who?
QEII: [sighs] Mr Tony.
Bush: [giggles] Oh, yeah! Where is that little son'bitch tonaight, anyway?
QEII: He won the coin toss.

And so forth.


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