March 11, 2004

Meanwhile, A Few Rungs Down on the Evolutionary Ladder...

Look, I know I complain about this a lot, but the fact is that the American media is the biggest, stupidest, most inane organization I have ever encountered.

From Netscape Men:

"Ladies, you may not believe this, but we have it on good authority--that would be the Cox News Service--that when men get together in private they talk about...dieting."

The Cox News Service, of course, is a reknowned authority in the social scientific world.

" . . . Men are doing what women have done for eons: They talk about dieting."

That's right. Eons ago, when the Earth was nothing more than a couple of billion particles of floating space dust, women talked about dieting.

" . . . [Modern] men are more inclined to ask their buddies how they lost . . . weight. Cox News calls it a 'harbinger in the evolution of the male human'." . . .

Oh, for God's sake.

. . . "Next thing you know, we'll be going to the bathroom in pairs and describing shopping trips to the Home Depot as 'therapeutic'."

So what you're saying is, the exciting new frontier of human male evolution is that they are turning into female stereotypes? Bravo, Cox News Service . . . Bravo.

AARRAAAAAGHHAHHRHAGHAAHGHGAHHH!!!!! If I ever have children, I'm going to take them away from America and lock them in a box where they can't have their brains melted by this ridiculously f**king puerile garbage.


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