April 27, 2004

The British Public Is At His Every Beckham Call

From BBC NEWS | Entertainment | "Arts": Sleeping Beckham makes art debut

The National Portrait Gallery (dear God, I wish this wasn't true) has recently put on display a 'video portrait' of English footballer, media sensation and all-round ladyboy David Beckham. The video is of Beckham sleeping, and lasts one hour and seven minutes. It will be displayed on a continuous loop for the next year at the Gallery.

The "artist"/creepy stalker responsible for the video, the androgenously named Sam Taylor-Wood, called the piece a "reverential and vulnerable image". She claims she made the work to show Beckham in a new and different way from how the media portrays him; she wanted to create a representation of him that was more intimate, less public, and shirtless.

The director of the National Portrait Gallery, the androgenously named Sandy Nairne, describes Taylor-Wood's work as "compelling". He continued, "She gives us the chance as viewers to be very close to him, almost examine him, in a way that would not be possible." Mr Nairne then looked longingly at the video and began to jerk off all over it.

Mr Beckham was unavailable for comment, as he was too busy being gorgeous.


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