April 21, 2004

The Continuing Adventures of 'Exotic Other'

The Associated Press (bless their little souls) reported this week that the Australian Prime Minister John Howard has been cursed by an angry aboriginal woman "known only as Moopor". The woman, painted with traditional "tribal" make-up, cursed Mr Howard during a campaign visit to the outback by silently pointing an inch-long bone at him. Mr Howard, apparently unaware that this was a bad sign, smiled and waved at the woman before getting into his limo and driving off.

Although Moopor has refused to speak to reporters, "citing unspecified Aboriginal cultural reasons", a member of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission told the press that Mr Howard should "ignore the message at his own peril".

Later, the Prime Minister's office issued a statement, which read: "Man, those aboriginals sure are kooky, huh?"

In other news, recently deceased academic and author of Orientalism Edward Said, has reportedly started spinning in his grave.


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