May 16, 2004


I found a leaflet on the ground last week entitled "Repentance: Door of Mercy". It begins rather dramatically with the line: "Do you know that you have been found guilty of sin by a Holy God, and sentenced to death?" (Gosh! I didn't even get a letter or anything!), and winds up by explaining that it was, in fact, me personally that crucified Jesus, and that I had better apologize to Mr Christ straight away.

But I decided not to rant in my blog about how pushy Christians are.

Then, this morning, I was reading about Rebecca St. James, a Christian rock star (false idol, anyone?) who rather haughtily claims that she "feels sad" for Britney Spears for being such a harlot and having condemned herself to a fiery hell (I may be paraphrasing slightly).

But I still decided not to rant in my blog about how pushy Christians are.

Finally, this afternoon, as I was standing outside a Toronto subway station saying goodbye for the day to my girlfriend, I leant forward to give her a kiss-- and a priest promptly popped up behind us (literally) and said loudly: "There's a church round here you know! Because if you're not married, there's no . . . " [at this point trailed off, as if the very act of saying 'physical relations' was too repugnant for his righteous soul, and merely wagged his finger at us as he walked off].

Well, I know I should turn the other cheek and all that, but since I'm apparently doomed to eternal damnation already anyway, I have a few choice words for the kindly reverend (and although I realize that he probably doesn't read my blog, I presume God can pass on the message for me):

Where the hell do you get off, anyway, you nosy, arrogant busy-body? How do you even know I'm Christian? In fact, how do you even know we're not married? YOU DON'T, you're just a pushy, judgemental zealot who gets off on the power trip of publicly shaming people under the guise of a moral crusade. So hey, the joke's on you, asshole, because I'm pretty sure the Bible also says you should love thine neighbour and judge not lest ye be judged-- which means you're just as impure as I am. And you know what else? There are so many horrendous, contemptible, atrocious things that are wrong with this world, it's really very sad that you think you're doing a good deed by chastising two people for nothing more than being in love. So go ahead and judge, if you must-- but keep it to yourself, because I don't want to hear it, and next time I'll push you down the f*cking subway station stairs.


At 16/5/04 21:52, Blogger Sean said...

clearly, you're being stupid. the priest had a good point. if you're gonna kiss, at the very LEAST get married!


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