May 25, 2004

Control Me

Three things happened to me in the past few days:

1. I found out that the gallery in which I was planning to work over the summer has decided not to hire me after all (apparently, the managing director has his eye on some sweet young thing who he's hired instead).

2. I got four comments on one of my blog entries, proving that I have a real (if modest) readership.

3. Nothing interesting happened to me, so I posted nothing.

So, I have a proposition for you, my (few) readers: since I now have relatively little to do this summer, and since I don't want to stop posting to my blog, and since you're all so adept at leaving comments... I am, in the style of a Burger King chicken, at your disposal.

Leave your suggestions, orders, and desires as comments to this post, and I will very seriously consider carrying out all but the most illegal and expensive of them; I will then post humorous write-ups of subsequent events right here (although I do, of course, reserve the right to ignore you).

So go, have fun. Tell your friends. Control me.


At 26/5/04 00:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Go to end of Rainbow
2. Find pot-o-gold
3. Fedex pot of gold to ken
4. Report back on feelings of contentment/fight with leprechaun.

At 26/5/04 12:46, Blogger Sean said...

You should go to record/book/other shops with a digital camera. Stand outside the door. And ask people coming out with purchases whether you can take their photo. Then ask them what they bought.

Then post photos to blog, with name of item they purchased, and comments. (There's no need to be cruel, btw, just to engage with the material. And it would be fascinating.)


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