May 29, 2004

Michael Moore, Eat Your Heart Out

I just got back from seeing the new Roland Emmerich film, New York Is The Victim of a Tidal Wave 2 (sorry, The Day After Tomorrow, rated PG-13 for, this is absolutely true and I love it, "Intense Situations of Peril").

Actually, joking aside, it wasn't that bad. As well as the hallmarks of a good summer blockbuster-- famous landmarks being razed, totally unbelievable yet gripping action sequences, schmultz by the bowlful, Dennis Quaid-- it also has (gasp!) a meaningful subtext. Sure, the political commentary is a little gaudy in places (the US government, led by a clueless Southerner and his Dick Cheney-lookalike VP, ignores the Kyoto Protocol until it's-- oh no!-- too late), but at least it has political commentary that is relevant, straightforward, and accessible; instead of being an un-releasable piece of hate-mongering narrated by a scruffy man in a baseball cap.

It may not win any awards, but for dealing with contemporary social problems subtly (take note, Mr Moore), I would heartily recommend it-- especially if you live in Canada because, believe me, there is nothing like a cinemaful of Canadians howling with bitter laughter at political irony involving Americans.


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