May 21, 2004

Ottawa Man Lives With Parents, Describes Everything As 'Cool'

But look on the bright side: at least you didn't come off as sounding pretentious!

Don't worry, Ottawa Man. We still love you.

ps. I happen to like very much what's in the above speech bubble-- but I fully realize that there are (perhaps) about three other people who might get it. So if anybody has any other suggestions, I'd be happy to execute them (the suggestions, that is, in the sense of 'to carry them out'; I may not take criticism well, but I certainly won't be beheading anyone).


At 23/5/04 17:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I(ken) love the speech bubble. I have to tell Adrienne about this.

At 24/5/04 03:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a great picture.


At 24/5/04 17:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the caption! And it makes me happy to see it. That's just great Andrew.

At 24/5/04 22:51, Blogger Budman said...

It's awesome! But now I'e made it 4 people who understand the caption bubble. Are we all going to die?

At 25/5/04 00:25, Blogger Andrew said...

No, Budman, only you will die.

At 26/5/04 12:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was hoping maybe no one would see it and your blog would crash or something. but nooo. most comments ever. lovely.

also: andrew's cruel budman comment = very very funny.


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