May 11, 2004

Tabloid Browsing

Today, I thought I would explain (for the benefit of those readers not familiar with the British media), exactly how British newspapers work.

For example, take this breaking scandal about the American beheaded on camera, apparently in retaliation to all the allegations of torture in Iraqi prisons. The Telegraph, as you can see, has gone with a no-nonsene, just-the-facts presentation, showing merely a picture from the tape with a modest headline.

...The Mail has treated the story in a similar vein, albeit with a slightly more dramatic headline...

...While the Independent, as always, is reserved and stoic.

And then, of course, there's the venerable Daily Star-- which has gone with the classic 'Posh Spice and Girl in Bikini' spread (but do note the small mention the beheading gets in the corner...)

Thus concludes today's lesson.


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