June 23, 2004

It Must Be All The Guinness

From the Australian Herald Sun: Farrell's manhood cut

"SEXY actor Colin Farrell's manhood is reportedly so big it was considered too shocking for moviegoers.

The Irishman's nude scenes were cut from his new movie
A Home At The End Of The World because director Michael Mayer considered them too 'distracting'.

According to British tabloid
The Sun Farrell's appendage caused 'a stir' at test screenings.

'The women were over-excited and the men looked really uncomfortable,' the newspaper reported.

'It was such a sight it made it difficult to concentrate on the plot, so the decision was made to get rid of it,' the source said."

It made it difficult to concentrate on the plot?!?! What, is there just a constant, picture-in-picture shot of Farrell's penis for the whole movie?

I'm sorry, I really can't think of anything to say about this. I must be so captivated by the thought of Colin Farrell's giant cock, I am unable to concentrate on anything else.

No, wait. It's because this is too absurd for words.


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