June 29, 2004

Pieces of Computer Information and People Whose Full Names Are Robert

First of all, let me just say that I was thoroughly disturbed this morning to learn of the Official Countdown To Hermione's 18th Birthday Website. I would just like to make it very clear that when I make inappropriate comments about the young Harry Potter star, I am being ironic and/or facetious, but am certainly not being a dirty middle-aged man who walks around wearing a Gryffindor scarf and composing creepy poetry.

Second, the best line I've seen on the Beeb for a while: "A US pastor supported by a clutch of young virgins is in the UK" (I've often wondered what the collective noun for a group of young virgins is).

Third, who doesn't like Melanie Griffith? And, consequently, who wouldn't want to visit her blog? (Look out particularly for Melanie speaking the names of the pages in a sultry voice.)

Speaking of celebrities, those of you still having trouble dealing with the end of Friends might be interested to know that Jennifer Aniston can currently be seen flogging Barclaycards on UK television (she joins Rowan Atkinson and Dudley Moore among the ranks of celebrities who have inexplicably agreed to advertise the credit cards). She claims the credit card is useful for dealing with the 'Ups and Downs' in life, which is, frankly, pretty disgusting, considering a recent interview she gave in which she claimed that she is not yet pregnant but is "having fun trying"

Hmm... I think I liked the snackfood post better.


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