June 20, 2004

Voyage of the Dan

Given that one of my recent posts involved the confession that I had actually watched a few minutes of Like Mike, I feel I should probably preface this one by categorically denying that I have ever knowingly and/or willingly spent time or money engaged in watching that masterpiece of American cinema, Crossroads.

However, I did happen to see a trailer for said masterpiece the other day, and was horror-stricken to discover that the part of Britney Spears' father is played by none other than the undisputable vanguard of Canadian celebrity, Dan Aykroyd.

Why, Dan? Why?! There are already so many other Canadian celebrities out there disgracing their country! Eugene Levy (viz. below)! Matthew Perry (viz. The Whole Ten Yards)! William Shatner (viz. anything involving William Shatner, but particularly his singing career)!

I mean, maybe I'm romanticizing Dan Aykroyd's past roles. Perhaps he's never really been the wonderful comedic actor that he appears as in my head. But it seems like appearing in Crossroads would be a step down for pretty much anybody (including, interestingly enough, Britney Spears, which is quite a feat in itself).

Another call for puns: Aykroyd, anyone?


At 26/6/04 20:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm, which is lower though, crossroads or Blues Brothers 2000. And I do believe that Aykroyd was one of the big reasons that BB2000SUCKFEST was made.

- Satan (dustin)


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