July 06, 2004

And Get Some Free Happiness With Every Nightgown

Just noticed that there's a new store in my neighbourhood here. It's called Rose's Revival, and purports to sell "lingerie and well-being" (whether or not in that order, it doesn't say). I can't help but feel that the lingerie half of the business is really going to lose out.

Customer: Hello. I'd like some lingerie, please.
Clerk: Certainly, ma'am. Would you like some well-being with that?
Customer: I . . . Gosh . . . I suppose so. Does it come in a D-cup?
Clerk: Here you are.
Customer: Oh! Oh, wow. That's something special. Way better than a thong.
Clerk: Yes, I hear that a lot.

I should take Alison.


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