July 31, 2004

If At All Possible, Get A Live-In MacGyver

The British government has recently launched a website called Preparing For Emergencies, something along the lines of Tom Ridge's "Duct tape, DUCT TAPE, DUCT TAPE!!!" campaign in the States a year or two ago. However, the government was rather comically unprepared for launching the site, forgetting to register http://www.preparingforemergencies.co.uk, as well as the official .gov.uk address.

Consequently, a bitter anti-Labour student snapped up the domain and posted a marvellous parody of the site (by the "HM Department of Vague Paranoia"). It includes such handy hints as: "If you are trapped in debris, try not to die", and "Reduce fire hazards in your home. Children are the worst fire hazards."

And do visit the real site, too, just so you can appreciate how masterful the execution is.


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