July 24, 2004

Kevin Bacon, Eat Your Heart Out

I'm sure there are a lot of lovestruck guys out there who think the world revolves around their girlfriends, but I feel that I have a particularly good case for it.

My belle is working at a gourmet food store this summer with a girl called Chela (is that how it's spelt? Who knows? This is why we need to make foreigners more American*). Chela knows a girl from Ottawa who happens to be the sister of my friend Dan Beirne. Dan is also friends with another Ottawan called Sean, who, in his formative years, was acquainted with a third Ottawan called Jocelyn-- who, strangely enough, is moving in next year with none other than... my girlfriend.

(*A joke, for God's sake!)

Now, one coincidence like that is hardly surprising, especially in Canada, where everybody knows everbody else and the hockey players make doughnuts. But Alison (the gf) is invovled in more than just that one. She's dating me (obviously), and I am moving in next year with a girl called Adrienne. So far so good. Last year, Adrienne lived with a girl called Danielle, who was friends with another girl called Rachel, who was in the dance program at the Etobicoke School of the Arts, as was a girl named Gill, who was Alison's roommate last year (we might also note that Danielle went to school with a guy called Mike, who lives across the street from my cousin, who is the reason I met Alison in the first place; Danielle also frequents a pub in her neighbourhood, in which my cousin used to work as a short-order cook).

As if that wasn't bad enough, the archaeology professor who Alison had in first year (a delightful man named Andre Costopolous) does summer fieldwork in Finland, where, last year, he was assisted by a young woman called Eve. Eve, rather unbelievably, is my third cousin. And so, we're back to Alison again.

All of which was probably terribly dull for you, but I, for one, am a little disturbed.


At 25/7/04 13:25, Blogger Sean said...

and believe it or not, i'm your birth father!

At 25/7/04 18:49, Blogger Andrew said...

[Dewy-eyed]: Dad? Is it really you?

At 26/7/04 12:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the fact that Danielle's friend Rachel also started working at my gourmet food store this summer but then suddenly and mysteriously quit. And it's Chala.

- Alison

At 26/7/04 14:30, Blogger Sean said...

[curmudgeonly] No. It was only a joke.


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