August 23, 2004

187 Bloggers Walk Into a Navbar...

As much as I've ranted about the new navbar, I have to admit that I've been quite enjoying using the "next blog" button to browse while I'm bored. The great part is, none of the URLs are saved in your history or in your 'Back' menu, so there's no need to ever have any contact with any of the screwed up people you find, ever again. It's kind of like one-night stands, but without risk of herpes. Some quotes that I've particularly appreciated today:

"Are bears Catholic?"

"Do you realize that we are gay bloggers in West Hollywood headed to a bar to meet other gay bloggers? We are on the cutting edge right now, really."

"If you are female and have a one-time sexual experience with another woman, you are probably exploring your physicality, expanding your morality, gaining an understanding of what you will (and will not) desire within the context of a mature, ideologically consensual relationship. If you are male and have a one-time sexual experience with another man, you are probably gay."

"I was becoming a full-fledged sex addict. No, I already WAS an addict for a very long time, perhaps since the incident with the pictures and Mom." (not nearly as bad it sounds, taken in context-- but what a sentence!)

I fully encourage all of you to click the 'next blog' button now and find a couple of your own.


At 24/8/04 08:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andrew, I just wanted to say your blog is delightful. I suppose to really show my enthusiasm I should post more often, and actually say something witty, or at least respond specifically to whatever you wrote about.

But, for now, I'll just stick with general praise.


At 24/8/04 12:14, Blogger Andrew said...

Aw, shucks. Thanks. [Lightbulb goes on above head] As the dough said to the baker, it's nice to be needed!


(plop= the sound of estimations dropping)


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