August 22, 2004

Big Fat Man Has Big Fat Following

Update: It seems I was not the only person to appreciate the deep ridiculousness of Patrick Deuel being weighed on a livestock scale with the help of The League of Human Dignity. This page on 'Chattablogs' has compiled a list of other blogs that mentioned Deuel's story, recently. They all made the same joke. Mine was still funniest.

A propos of all this, I feel I should correct my apparent callousness the last time I mentioned Mr Deuel. Believe me, I wish him no ill, and genuinely hope he makes a full recovery. What pissed me off (indeed, continues to piss me off) is the way he tried to shift the blame away from his own gluttony (because let's face it, to get that heavy you'd have to have acted the glutton at least once or twice). I whole-heartedly believe that genes are not an excuse for anything: not violence, not crime, and certainly not obesity. Deal with it.

In other news, a terrifying man has written a song about how much he wants to have sex with Keira Knightley, the irritatingly English star of such films as Bend It Like Beckham, Love, Actually, and Princess Of Thieves (in which, I believe, she plays Robin Hood's lesser-known sister). The song is thoroughly vile, but I couldn't help but giggle at:

Can you cancel that restraining order?
Because it slightly offended my mother
I promise I won't do it again
Unless I am drunk and you are topless

Rhyming 'order' with 'mother'? Genius!


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