August 16, 2004

It Was Bound To Happen Sooner or Later...

Do you know what I realized today? I've been doing this blog for over a year now. And so, appropriately enough, I will now make some sarcastic remarks about a sex article I read on Netscape:

Men's Top Sexual Complaints About Women

"1. Women are not kinky enough . . . Men are more turned on by the forbidden." You know, like walking on a lawn where there's a 'Please Stay Off the Grass' sign. Or having a threesome with their mother.

"2. More frequency, please! How can women last so long without sex? Months can go by and they feel nothing. No urge, no boredom sex, no mention of it." Incidentally, women's top sex complaint about men: they use the term "boredom sex".

"3. Women get upset when we can't understand their anatomy. Let's make a comparison: men's bodies and women's bodies. I think I've made my point." Ummm....

Back to the A-grade material tomorrow, folks...


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