August 23, 2004

Photojournalism At Its Finest

Do you know, I realized this morning that it's been absolutely ages since I did any of my *chuckle* hilarious Speech Bubble Photoshops™. So here are a bunch to make up for it...

[Snip! Images were eaten by the FTP server and not backed up, so are lost forever in the annals of vaguely remembered hilarity.]

By the way, while I was trawling the Bush-Cheney website for a banner to hijack, I discovered one that read "W Stands For Women" (more like, "W stands for White Women"). Anyone who cares to suggest other ironic things that W might stand for are more than welcome to leave their comments.


At 23/8/04 13:40, Blogger Andrew said...

For instance:

"W stands for Literacy."


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