August 20, 2004

Scandalous Olympi-ads

From Iraqi Soccer Players Angered By Bush Campaign Ads

In a recent ad for the Bush campaign, the flags of Iraq and Afghanistan are shown, along with the narration: "At this Olympics there will be two more free nations-- and two fewer terrorist regimes." Terrorist regimes have been a regular fixture of the Olympics since Ceaucescu won the doubles badminton for Romania in 1976.

Iraqi midfielder Salih Sadir said that "Iraq as a team does not want Mr Bush to use us for the presidential campagin." His teammate, Ahmed Manajid, was slightly more vocal in his attack on the President, saying: "How will he meet his God having slaughtered so many men and women? He has committed so many crimes."

Scott Stanzel, a spokesperson for Bush's campaign, defended the ad. "[It] simply talks about President Bush's optimism and how democracy has triumphed over terror . . . Twenty-five million people in Iraq are free as a result of the actions of the coalition." He added: "Seriously! Those people will work for nothing!"

Bush latched on to the Iraqi soccer team last Friday, after their victory over European champions Portugal. During a campaign speech, he remarked: "The image of the Iraqi soccer team playing in this Olympics, it's fantastic, isn't it? Because, no matter how stupid the game of soccer might seem to us, they are free to do whatever they want." Mr Bush then collapsed in a fit of girlish giggles.

Midfielder Manajid remains angry. He claims that were it not for his presence at the Olympics, he would "for sure" be fighting with the resistance in Iraq. There's a campaign message for you, Mr President!


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