September 04, 2004

First Family Smothered By Giant Metaphor

I tried telling Alison she had eyes like the sound of six billion orgasms. She looked confused.


At 6/9/04 11:06, Blogger Sean said...

Whenever someone is confused by something you say, you should repeat it - LOUDER.

At 6/9/04 18:27, Blogger Andrew said...

Hmmm.... No, sorry Sean. I'm just not willing to scream "YOUR EYES ARE THE SOUND OF SIX BILLION ORGASMS!" at Alison. However, I am happy to entertain the idea of putting it into my wedding vows, should that opportunity ever arise.

At 7/9/04 11:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's likely that she thought of the 2-3 billion children among the 6 billion vocal orgasmers.

I know I did.



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