September 21, 2004

Fragments and Hairstyles

It has recently emerged that comedian Rodney Dangerfield has been in a coma for several weeks, following a heart operation. A statement released Monday read:

"Gee, I haven't been in hospital for this long since the last time I ate at Denny's! It's rough, I tells ya!"

Meanwhile, reports on a number of "crackpot ideas" (way to report objectively, guys!) devised by amateur hurricane watchers to combat the deadly storms:

"Suggestions have included coating the surface of the water with olive oil; towing an iceberg down to Florida to cool down the water temperature; or building large fans on the coast to blow away approaching storms.

'And then there was a guy who called and said he could pray them away,' said Hugh Willoughby, a research professor with the International Hurricane Center at Florida International University."

Is it just me, or does Hugh Willoughby sound like someone who is tired of talking to crackpots? I particularly like this, in response to the suggestion that we nuke hurricanes: "Hurricanes are bad enough without being radioactive," Willoughby said (presumably with a very large sigh and a shake of his head).


At 23/9/04 15:53, Blogger Mariana said...

They should totally tow a giant iceburg! Hollywood could make it, then make gazillions of the movie version of its life.

Which brings me to an off-colour joke I heard, I believe from a Jewish person, and which I am only repeating because it's so delightfully topical and bad.

A man was heard to complain about Jews "they cause so many problems! They even sunk the Titanic!" To which a concerned listener said "no, you're mistaken. An iceburg sunk the Titanic." The man huffily replied "Goldberg, Steinberg, iceburg, what's the difference?!"Maybe now I'll divert some of your angry comments my way.


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