September 14, 2004

Infamy, At Last!

Rather bizarrely, my humble little blog here has suddenly gained a much higher profile than it used to have. Type in "Patrick Deuel" on Google, and the ninth result (of almost ten thousand!!!) will be a link to this post that I wrote last month, about the 1,072-pound man from Nebraska.

I'm assuming, therefore, that the post has been linked to elsewhere, and probably by people who don't like me very much, judging from the two comments that have thus far been left (eg. "One day your maker will judge you! You had better pray He has mercy on your pitiful cold soul").

If anybody has any idea where all this sudden attention is springing from, do let me know. Until then, I'm getting back to burying my head in the books.



At 15/9/04 15:09, Blogger Pink Stiletto said...

Too funny... I just went surfing for the fat-guy, because of a comment on, and I landed on your page. The very day you post about people googling you and finding you. Too odd.

Anyway, I totally agree with your post about people blaming their genes for their obesity. Uh, I don't remember my genes every telling ME to eat 50 twinkies in one sitting. No, I'm not fat -- but I could be. I have a very slow metabolism, and it takes very little for me to gain. SO I exercise, and I make sure to avoid chips and Coke and sugar and fat, so that I don't become like that guy.

Thanks for the post, looking forward to reading more of your blog.

At 15/9/04 15:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, it must be the Fark posting 'cause that's how I got here too. Rock on and be sure to read my math-y response to your original post.

At 21/9/04 12:02, Anonymous Anonymous said... also had a story on the guy - that's how I made it to your blog. I assume traffic is going to pick up for you over the next week or so.


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