September 09, 2004

It's Too Much To Blair

I admit I may be a little slow on the uptake with this one, as the site I'm about to link to appears to have been around for at least a year now. On the other hand, is as hilarious as it is bizarre, especially to a pseudo-Brit like myself.

Basically, it's a place for grateful Americans to give thanks to the British PM, because "when the call came to stand and be counted, the United Kingdom came to our side". Visitors to the site can submit Thank You messages which, at the end of every week, are printed out on real paper (wow!) and shipped to Downing Street.

Some notable excerpts from the 47,609 (!!!) messages sent so far:

"We proudly display a British flag next to our American flag on our pickup truck."
- Wisconsin, USA

"I understand a member of your party resigned over your stand on Iraq. If you are short handed, I would be glad to serve with you (on a temporary basis)."
- Connecticut, USA

"Somewhere, Winston Churchill is smiling proudly."
- Washington, USA

"We will always be as one with England." [apparently that whole 'revolution' thing was just a bit of a laugh]
- Washington, USA

"You are at least half the man that Maggie Thatcher was!"
- Florida, USA

"(By the way, does England make good wine? I've been unable to find any since I refuse to buy French.)"
- Connecticut, USA

"You're no lap dog in my estimation. You're a swingin' dick!" [what?]
- Washinton, USA

"You should consider moving to Texas. Also, I absolutely love your Frosted Flakes cereal."
- Texas, USA

"I thought Thatcher was good. You're gooder."
- Arizona, USA

You have to wonder.


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