September 17, 2004

Trying to GOP a Feel

. . . President Bush suggests the closet. Or, better yet, the dumpster in the alley behind party HQ. Cheney, on the other hand (and to his credit), at least backed down enough to admit that the question of whether or not to allow gay marriage was one best left up to the individual states. His daughter then returned his heart medication.

In other news, a Spanish man recently tried to sue his wife for withholding sex from him for five days, alleging that her behaviour contistuted 'domestic abuse'. His case was shelved by the judge, and the man was ordered to serve forty hours of community service for destroying the mystique surrounding Mediterranean men, and their Don Juan-like romantic abilities.

Is anybody else already sick to death of the presidential campaign? I haven't really been paying attention, but if I hear one more thing about cheap sandals...


At 20/9/04 23:50, Blogger Sean said...

My favourite response to the announcement that the log-cabin (aka gay) republicans weren't endorsing Bush was posted on Metafilter, which is down. It went something like this:

"News Flash: Gay Republicans decide to stop punching selves in the crotch."


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