September 23, 2004

Whatever Happened to the B Through E Bombs?

From Netscape Careers:

Since I've been at the centre of a Google-fuelled controversy lately, after telling a certain overly weighted person to "fuck off . . . just fuck off", I found the above article on Netscape rather interesting.

Part of my defense in the off-fucking scandal was that the post was never meant for a wide audience, merely for my close group of friends that reads the blog. This didn't really pass muster amongst some of my critics, but now, researchers in New Zealand have legitimized my claim (and in a very timely manner, I might add!).

The researchers were studying conversation patterns of a work team at a soap factory. They found that, although the word 'fuck' is commonly considered one of the most offensive swearwords in the English language (clearly by people who haven't spent time with true vulgarians such as myself), using the word in particular contexts can actually build group cohesion:

"Since the basic attitude in the group was one of friendliness where the workers genuinely liked and respected one another, they could use such oaths without being rude or insulting."

So, in the interest of strengthening our relationships, I'd like to say to all my critics (and to my friends, for that matter): a hearty 'fuck off'.


At 25/9/04 09:49, Blogger Jan said...

it'a good thing we're all entitled to our opinions, and an even better thing that we can post what we want to on our blogs.
if someone doesn't like it, they can always click that little 'x' at the top of the page and not come back again.
controversy is a funny thing, just like the word 'fuck". some people see it as part of the conversation, some see it as there que to comment, and be enraged. either way who gives a fuck. it's all irrelevant anyway...
cheers :)


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