October 26, 2004

And the Prize For Most Surreal Headline Goes To...

In response to something? In general? In the midst of saying "Whaaaaaa?!"?

More surreal still is the story about Schwarzenegger, who apparently fancies himself something of a comedian. At a Republican campaign event in California, the governor jabbed at Senator Ted Kennedy's weight (using jokes, sadly, instead of actually poking Kennedy in the stomach), while talking about his state's $103 billion budget:

"That's a lot of money . . . Another way to think about it is if you take $100 bills and put them next to each other, they will go half way, truly half way around Teddy Kennedy's stomach.''

Good job, Arnie: fat jokes are a sure way to appeal to your opulent Republican base.

The governor continued, "He's one of my favorite relatives. He comes to my house and he eats away all the cake and all the desserts that we have," adding: "No, but seriously, folks. Am I right? Am I right, folks? Ted Kennedy is so fat that even I can't lift him!"

The governor terminated the joke section of his speech by making fun of John Kerry's tan. "My kids just brought home a beautiful pumpkin, but you know what? I'm going to return it because it's a Democratic pumpkin. It has the orange color of John Kerry's tan, and the roundness of Teddy Kennedy."

Which I think is pretty rich coming from this guy.

In other news, two Buddhist monks in Cambodia have given up their vows after falling in love with two beer-selling teenage girls (thus proving that even Buddhist monks believe what Maxim tells them is hot). The two girls frequently set up shop across from the monks' temple, which is pretty poor marketing strategy by anyone's standards.

My favourite part about this story: "The teenage girls earlier had been told to leave the monks alone, Deputy District Police Chief Yung Sam was quoted as saying."

'You leave those monks alone, young lady! What did they ever do to you?'

Man, the world is great.


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