October 10, 2004

Taking Debate

That's it, I'm convinced. First Google censors me, and then the second Presidential debate is scheduled for a day when I'm supposed to be in the wilderness, away from the Internet and unable to update my blog. The man is obviously threatened by my fiery rhetoric.

Well, up yours, the man! Debate number two was so full of delicious things to comment on that I decided to struggle through a 28.8kpbs connection to post my aforementioned fiery rhetoric, anyway.

Bush continued his strategy of harping on about the same three Kerry soundbites that his campaign machine has been broadcasting out of context for weeks:

"He talks about a grand idea: let's have a summit . . . And what is he going to say to those people that show up at the summit? Join me in the wrong war at the wrong time at the wrong place? . . . They're not going to follow an American president who says 'follow me into a mistake'."

Say, I know you never used the word 'mistake', but isn't that the reason nobody followed you into Iraq? (Oh, sorry, I forgot about Poland.)

Bush then turned his attention to a much more dangerous foe: Canada. In response to allegations that he had blocked the importation of cheaper, Candian prescription drugs, the President explained:

"I just want to make sure they're safe. When a drug comes in from Canada I want to make sure it cures you and not kills you." He continued: "I mean, come on people! They don't even need to pay for healthcare up there! How good can their drugs possibly be?!"

The most disappointing thing about the debate was the Democrats' underhandedness. After weeks and months (and even years) of complaining about the dirty campaigning tactics of Bush and the rest of the Republicans, Kerry proved himself not above being the same kind of asshole-- before the debate, Kerry's aides handed out pink 3D movie glasses, describing them as "W's amazing, rose-coloured glasses".

What's more, after the bad press Bush got about scowling during Kerry's attacks at the first debate, I refuse to believe it's a coincidence that the senator began repeatedly addressing Bush directly (eg. "He didn't have weapons of mass destruction, Mr President", "Mr President, people are leaving the coalition, not joining it"). Seems to me like a pretty crude attempt to piss Bush off, which is entirely below the belt (and I'm sure not something that Kerry learnt in his much-vaunted Yale debating days).

Sigh . . . Why does democracy in America seem like such an abject failure?


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You better stop this nastiness, or else... (bad stuff) (REAL bad)

The Man

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