November 03, 2004

America Has Spoken: "We Suck"

I imagine I'm not alone among the apparently dying breed of liberal American citizens in feeling a little numb today. My mind can't quite conceive how, in the four years during which I've gone from "Gee, maybe I'll live in America permanently" to "Gee, maybe I'll renounce my citizenship", the rest of the country has apparently grown happier with the miserable state of the US government.

Ultimately, I wonder if I'll ever go back to feeling like I have something in common with other Americans. Sociologically speaking, I'd say this Republican victory is at the top of a very, very slippery slope. As the liberals in America begin to feel more and more isolated from the (apparently majority-constituting) conservatives, they're liable to insulate themselves, group together in those small enclaves they still have left in the Northeast and West (or leave the country altogether, naturally). And as they do that, their influence in those all-important swing states is going to grow smaller and smaller until the Democrats really lose all hope of ever winning an election. Not to mention the fact that as the Heartland continues to elect unilateral leaders that incite terrorism through their ham-fisted foriegn policy, it's those liberal enclaves (New York, Washington, Boston, San Francisco) that will continue to be the main damn targets of foreign violence. So really, why would any liberal want to stay in America? Slowly but steadily, they're going to disappear, and leave behind in America a majority of the stubborn, individualist, fag-hating, gun-toting conservatives that scare me half to death already.

As in the last election, the enormous dildo that is Florida played a crucial role in sodomizing the rest of the country and, come to that, the world-- though in the end, it was the mildly pubic-region-shaped Ohio that really sealed the deal. And if you think that jokes comparing state shapes to genitals are pretty weak, well, you try thinking of something funny when your faith in humanity has just had its lunch money stolen.

Okay! I've finished being a downer, now. Check back soon for David Beckham jokes and a humorous take on advice columnists! It'll be like nothing has changed!


At 3/11/04 15:30, Blogger Betsy said...

You don't know me, but I am a frequent reader of your blog. One of those strangers out there in the ether who looks in on what you have to say. (Kind of voyueristic, huh?)

First I want to assure you, you're not alone. I'm one of those "stinkin' liberals" too - and even worse, I live in North Carolina! (Though I'm more than happy to announce that I'm originally from New York.)

Like you, I don't understand this election, other than to say that perhaps too many in the U.S. are too trusting of their "elected" officials and too lazy to think much. As a friend put it, despite the cockpit warning devices urging us to "pull up", we have chosen to continue to nosedive. Path of least resistance and all of that, right?

I'm married to someone from Europe - we talk about moving there, and wonder if this will speed up our departure from the US.

But at the same time, I feel an obligation of sorts not to abandon the country when I see things going so horribly wrong. After-all, isn't it my civic duty to work to correct those things that are dragging this country deeper into the mess it's already in?

Anyway - I just wanted to let you know you're not alone, and tell you to keep in mind that 48% of this country - more than 55 Million people - did vote for Kerry. It wasn't a landslide victory, and that means there's still hope. At least for now.

At 3/11/04 15:32, Blogger Betsy said...

Oh - one other comment.
You call yourself the exBostonian, but NOTHING in your Blog about the Sox?
I'm shocked and horrified!

At 3/11/04 16:27, Blogger Andrew said...

Thank you. It's easy to forget, seeing that mess of red across the election maps, that half of voters still voted for the other guy-- and it's immensely gratifying to me (as both a US citizen and as someone who hopes to one day make a career out of writing) that my often offensive, liberal ranting can still hold the attention of American citizens.

So thank you for your kind words, and thank you for proving that there really are reasonable Americans out there; I think I needed it.

And, of course: go Sox!

At 13/11/04 02:45, Blogger dustin said...

Andrew has a stalker. Cool.


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