November 02, 2004

The Ballad of the Ballots: 9:30am

Because I know I have so many readers who check my blog multiple times every day, I'll be keeping a running commentary going of election day jokes, as and when I think of them.

From 2004 voting under way in Eastern states

As has always been the tradition, voters in New Hampshire got to make democracy before anybody else (chanting "Live Free or Die!" as they marched, zombie-like, to their polling stations). In Dixville Notch, one of the two 'special' early-voting towns, Bush swept to success with 19 votes to Kerry's 7; meanwhile, in Hart's Location (The Dumbest-Named Town in America), Bush had a much narrower win, with 16 votes to 14. Out of the 31 voters in Hart's Location, Nader also had one supporter-- probably his highest ever percentage share of any poll, ever.

Both major candidates are doing some last minute campaigning today, Bush in Ohio and Kerry in Wisconsin. Kerry will be back in Boston to vote by lunchtime, after which he'll be enjoying his election day tradition of lunch at the Union Oyster House. He will then return to his Beacon Hill mansion to bath in champagne and drink cat's milk, cackling maniacally until his Rally for the Ordinary Worker in the early evening.

More later.


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