November 23, 2004

Don't Try This At Home...

Sadly, I think it's beyond my abilities as a cultural commentator to explain why, when they're drunk, young British men feel the need to place traffic cones in improbably high places. But however it started, it has now ballooned into a sort of machoistic competition to see who can get a traffic cone into the highest possible spot, and towns up and down the British Isles are often littered with the things after a big Saturday night. This one, though, really is a beauty...

Many thanks to my man in Aberdeen for bringing this to my attention. (No, Nige, I don't mean you. Sorry.)


At 24/11/04 21:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's even more crazy is that there is a typo in the first sentence of the article! A cone, on top of a pointy and tall structure, a missing T in a word, coincidence? I think not!

At 25/11/04 11:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was that man in aberdeen... where is my shout out? Nige got one, well his name was mentioned. You should BIG me up Al! Dont worry, I will send you more good stuff to do with Aberdonian culture.

P.S. Any intelects reading this.. piss off abfore you comment on the spelling/grammar stuff

At 25/11/04 12:05, Blogger Andrew said...

Andy: "My man in Aberdeen" was your shout-out, you big mongo... :-)

Maryam: what's even more bizarre is that one of my traffic cones is missing.

At 26/11/04 01:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

gasp! Are you missing a T too?! Oh, wait... Do you have an extra T too?!!!!!!!!


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