November 15, 2004

Let's Not Beat About the Bush...

I've been trying ever so hard not to give any coverage to post-election fallout, because if there's anything more irritating than a conspiracy-toting liberal (deal with it!), it's a gloating conservative.

But today, I thought I'd point a spotlight towards Not Sorry Everybody, a spirited retort to the creators of Sorry Everybody by a person who is, by all accounts, a bit of a fanatic:

"The basic philosphy of this blog - as Americans, we are NOT accountable to the rest of the world on how we conduct elections or for the results of those elections."

But listen here, Rest of the World: don't piss us off or we'll be there in a flash!

Ooh, look! He's a bit of a racist, too! There's a surprise!

I don't agree with you . . .
Paris, France

This coming from somebody who lives in a country where:

1. Industrial espionage is alive and well.
2. Was not willing to be a member of the coalition of the willing.
3. Was more than happy to take the father of modern terrorism [Arafat] in for medical care.
4. Refused to turn over Ira Einhorn to Pennsylvania authorities until it was assured the death penalty would not be imposed.
5. Etc, etc, etc...."

2. Was not willing to be willing? Bravo.
3. What's surprising is that they probably wouldn't take *you* in for medical care.
4. Ira who? What? Refusing to release a murderer from the 70s is the fourth worst thing the French have ever done? Blimey. That's pretty tame-- I bet they wish they'd joined the coalition of the willing now.

This is, of course, just a smattering of the hundreds of gems on display at the website. Go, visit. Be amused and horrified at the same time.


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