November 27, 2004


I'm having flashbacks to my apartment in Boston. The three male students who lived above me there were fucking horrible, if you'll excuse my English. They had their furniture set up in such a way that their couch blocked their front door, and thus, anytime they entered or left the apartment, I would hear the loud scrape of the couch being moved across the floor to allow the door to open.

They also liked to yell a lot. You know, loud, drunken, fratboy yelling: "YYYEAAAAARRGHGHHGGH!!!!" I never did work out what they were so happy about.

Sometimes they had parties; loud, loud parties that invariably resulted in either

a) the communal (carpeted) stair well stinking of vomit for one day, then stinking of a combination of vomit and Pine-Sol for another two days, or

b) my being woken up at 4am to the sound of the theme from Beverly Hills Cop blasting down the airshaft outside my bedroom window, or

c) copious amounts of water leaking through my ceiling as they more-or-less flooded their own apartment in an attempt to mop up all of the vomit/spilt beer/blood/semen from the night before, or

d) all of the above.

You might well ask: why bring this up now? The answer, unfortunately, is that they seem to have all of a sudden moved in upstairs from my current apartment. The sounds eminating from up there the last few days have been eerily similar to what I had to put up with in Boston, and are definitely just as irritating.

At least I'm paying less rent here.


At 27/11/04 18:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, they had a loud party last saturday when you were in New York. The lyrics to their music could be clearly heard in Adrienne's room at 2:30am. On the bright side, at least in your current apartment you may be able to hear what your upstairs neighbours are so happy about. None of that annoying soundproofing to muffle their shouts of "We are so inconsiderate!" or "tostitos!!!".


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