November 10, 2004

No Biz Like Sno Biz

From Netscape News: Women Allege Boss Spanked Them For Errors

"RED BANK, Tenn. (AP) - Two young women complained to police that they were spanked by their 57-year-old employer for mistakes on the job."

Oh boy.

The two women, who cannot be named because "they may be victims of a sexual crime" (I can certainly see the grey area), worked at a shaved ice business, called 'Tasty Flavours Sno Biz', in a Chattanooga suburb. Allegedly, their boss (Paul Eugene Levengood) made at least one of them sign a statement before starting work at the store that read (quote):

"I give Gene permission to bust my behind any way he sees fit."

Apparently thinking the waiver to be entirely innocent, the 19-year-old was understandably shocked when, on forgetting to put a banana into a smoothie she was making, she was taken into the back room by Mr Levengood-- who then proceeded to "ben[d] her over his knee" and spank her twenty times.

After receiving the spanking, however, the woman stayed at the store for the rest of the day, explaining to police that she (quote) "could not leave because she had no transportation".

I'm sorry, she said what? 'Oh, like, yeah... He was like, spanking me and stuff, and I like totally felt really violated and everything, but it was like, kind of hot outside and my car was in the shop, so I just thought I'd stay, you know, and see what happened next.'

The second woman continued to work at the shaved ice store for one further year after her spanking. It isn't clear whether or not she was made to sign a waiver similar to the first woman, although she claims her suspicions were aroused when Levengood asked her, during her job interview, "how she felt about things that were shaved."

Actually, I made that last part up. It's sort of hard to tell with this story.

Levengood was also notorious among his staff for snapping candid photographs of their behinds in various positions, but a spokesperson for the Tasty Flavours company denied that they had ever received any complaints about Levengood, who was described by the spokesperson as "a very Christian person"

. . . A very Christian person with an inordinate fixation on young girls' asses. Just like God intended.

I think that's enough.


At 11/11/04 13:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really thought you were making most of that up. Damn.



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