November 18, 2004

They're A Little Off-Track

I installed a tracker on my blogs last week to see just how many readers I actually get (more than you might expect, but less than sounds impressive).

What I've been particularly enjoying about it is being able to see where my visitors are coming from. It's pretty predictable for the most part: a bunch of people have me bookmarked, a bunch click through from Sillytech, and a couple come from Jerry's blog. But then there are the people who find me through search engines-- and you wouldn't believe some of the search terms that throw up my humble little blog, here.

That Tennessee spanking story has been generating quite a lot of referrals from Google-- mostly from people searching for that story, but one was looking for 'Japanese girls spanked over knee', and one, rather bizarrely, was looking for 'Condoleezza spanked' (which, naturally, brings up my page as the first result if you do a Yahoo search for those two words).

I've also had a hit from someone searching for "shower curtain rod", one from a search for "William Shatner bran flakes", one from a search for "British humour" (I'm rather proud of that one), and, most disturbing, one from a search for "Colin Farrell's cock" (boy, must they have been disappointed!).

I'm going to New York for the weekend, so this is the last you'll hear out of me for a while. But I'll make sure I post this week's 'Conversations With Greatness' before I leave.


At 18/11/04 18:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, that is really funny, you got some messed up audience. How do you put a track on your blog though, is that this blog's specialty or all blogs can do it?
also, NY eh? SO you missing Dustin's Bday party? that's ok, we'll tell you all about it later. Also, have fun in NY!

At 21/11/04 21:39, Blogger Andrew said...

Tracking a blog is a little bit unreliable, especially if you use Blogger, because the tracker code gets embedded in *all* your pages (archives, comments pages, etc.), and you can thus register multiple hits from one visit. But it's still useful for giving you a rough idea of who's visiting your site, and how (and unless you get a lot of visits, it's pretty easy to identify those multiple-hit blips).

Anyway, it's very easy to do: there are a gazillion different sites that offer free tracking services, and all that's required is that you paste a couple of lines of code into your page's HTML. I recommend; although it rather irritatingly doesn't allow you to block visits from your own computer, it providers very comprehensive data and charts.


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