December 18, 2004

An 'Air-Raising Experience

Why is it that commercial air travel brings out the bad stand-up comedian in everybody? (Incidentally, I do realize that by even saying that, I am in my own way sounding kind of like a bad stand-up comedian; but in my defense, that's what I sound like most of the time, anyway).

When they were handing out the meal trays during my flight last night, the woman behind me evidently picked up her little bag of cutlery and was bemused by its contents, for she said to her companion:

"Look, why have they replaced the knife with a plastic one, but left everything else metal? I mean, it's ridiculous."

Yeah, what is the deal with that?

"I mean, I could still use this [waving fork around, I imagine] as a weapon, couldn't I?"

Then turning to stewardess:

"I mean, look, I could still kill you with this, couldn't I?"

To which the stewardess responded about as nervously as you'd expect from someone who'd just been asked her opinion on the relative merits of various different tools to be potentially used in carrying out her murder.

And I thought: "Man, what is the deal with this lady?"

And then I decided it was time to go to sleep.


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