December 19, 2004

Taking Liberties

From Netscape News: Nearly Half in US Say Restrict Muslims

A recent survey (with a horribly skewed sample, I can only hope) conducted by Cornell university found that 44% of Americans favoured at least "some" restirictions on the civil liberties of Muslim Americans.

Said a constitutional scholar: "Oh, come on. America has never been the egalitarian nation it claims to be. If you really still believe in that 'all men are created equal' crap, you're stupider than you look."

He then added: "You look really stupid."

In the survey 27% of respondents were in favour of legislation requiring all Muslim American to register where they lived with the federal government. Because if there's one way to build unity, trust and acceptance between a minority group and wider society, it's treating that minority group in the same way that we treat sex offenders.

29% also supported the use of undercover government agents to infilitrate Muslim civic and volunteer organizations. I am too shocked to even conceive of a joke about this.

(Thankfully, I took a quick look at the extended version of the report, and it seems as if the poll is probably not statistically significant. The response rate was only 25.7% and the confidence level was not even reported, which suggests that the researchers have no idea what the hell they're doing.)

In other, similarly inexplicable news, Time magazine named President Bush man of the year, for (quote) "reshaping the rules of politics." Oh, that's what the Swift Boat Veterans were doing!

As usual, my being at home adversely affects my internet access, so expect fewer posts than usual for the next 10 days.


At 21/12/04 07:34, Blogger Betsy said...

Now what's wrong with this idea? The Germans did something similar to the Jews.... oh, wait. That didn't turn out so good, did it?

Then again, around when that was implemented, Time named Hitler Man of the Year (for similar reasons I believe...)

I really really hope History isn't doomed to repeat itself in this case. :(

At 22/12/04 05:23, Blogger Andrew said...

...And a Merry Christmas to all!


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