December 01, 2004

Thinking Outside the Fox

From Netscape News: Artist Eats Fox in Political Protest

"LONDON (Reuters) . . . Performance artist Mark McGowan . . . has eaten a fox, in protest at the public fixation with a government ban on fox hunting.

Why can't British artists actually do some fucking art for a change, huh? What's all this dirty bed, painting with elephant poop, fox-eating garbage?

"Too much attention is paid to fox hunting, he believes. 'One million people marched against fox hunting and another million marched for it. The housing estate where I live is full of crack-heads but no one marches to help them,' he said."

I'm just glad he didn't decide to eat a crack-head. (Also, how the hell does eating a fox help any of those crack-heads in your neighbourhood, jackass?)

Honestly. Why can't these people just write an angry letter to the Guardian, like the rest of the nutjobs do?


At 3/12/04 13:28, Blogger Betsy said...

*LOL* I laughed enough at this one that my office-mates insisted I share and read aloud.

One of them wants to know if anyone other than nutjobs actually reads the letters to the Guardian.

At 5/12/04 23:17, Blogger Andrew said...

Does anybody ever read the letters in any newspaper? I doubt that the people who read the Grauniad's letters page are any nuttier than the rest of the population (though they're probably insufferable lefties).


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