December 14, 2004

What Are Those Kooky Teens Up To Now?

According to WebMD, they're certainly not having as much sex. A survey conducted by the CDC (gosh, sex is a disease these days!) suggests that teenagers are waiting longer to have sex-- only 30% of 15-17 year-olds admitted to having had sex in the survey (conducted in 2002), compared to 38% for girls and 43% for boys in the mid-90s (the survey neglects to mention, however, that the 90s data comes from 1996, widely regarded as the sexiest year of the decade).

"Boys and girls who had not had sex cited the same main reasons: religion/morals and not wanting to become pregnant or to impregnate a girl."

Worryingly, it was mostly other girls who were worried about impregnating girls.

On the other hand, a different survey suggests that teens are, in fact, cracked-out alcoholics, at least in Britain. Data from the European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs (or NAMBLA) showed that over a quarter of all British teens had gone on a drinking binge AT LEAST three times in the past MONTH! Fully four tenths of British teens also admitted to having tried illegal drugs.

Now, I'm no prude when it comes to teenage binge-drinking-- oh, the complete lack of coherent memories!-- but three times a month?!?! (Actually, it's another statistical anomaly-- this survey was conducted in 1999, widely regarded as the booziest year of the decade.)

Apologies to Jon Stewart for stealing his NAMBLA joke.


At 15/12/04 16:30, Blogger Mariana said...

Tsk. The UK is the most obese nation in Europe, the kids go on drinking binges. Stiff upper lip my buttock!

Seriously, though, the drinking is alarming. I was introduced to the concept of a Dirty Pint at my friend's birthday party. Good GOD but that's an evil thing to do to a person.


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