December 21, 2004

Yet More Superb Jobbery

So, Rumsfeld isn't signing condolence letters, huh? I say give the poor guy a break-- I mean, do you know how many people are dying over there? It would take forever for him to sign them all.

Ah, sarcasm.


At 23/12/04 15:18, Blogger Mariana said...

My blog is working again.

Hey, I wanted to ask, how cold does it actually get in Edinburgh in the winter?

At 24/12/04 05:39, Blogger Andrew said...

Well, the forecast high for the 27th is 10C. Does that give you some idea?

There were times back when I was a jolly little, blazer-wearing, public schoolboy, that it would feel pretty unpleasant walking to school in the morning. But that's probably because I was wearing nothing but a polyester collared shirt and a blazer. Go out in a sweater and a scarf/autumn coat, and you'll be fine, even in the darkest depths of winter.

(As my dad always likes to remark: what the weather forecasts here describe as "bitterly cold" is ridiculous/hilarious/-1C).

Yay for your blog!

At 25/12/04 21:56, Blogger Mariana said...

Ah, good, my outerwear should just cut it.

Ooh ooh! Did you wear short pants as part of your uniform?

Merry Christmas!


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