January 19, 2005

Caption Competition!

My Photoshop-equipped laptop is in the shop, so no speech bubbles today. Instead, I invite you to provide your own captions to the above picture. I'll get you started:

"In my left hand, gentlemen, is the United States. In my right, an outpost of tyranny. When you put the two together... BLAMMO!"

Bonus points will be awarded to anybody who can avoid making a reference to breasts.

In other news, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that Bush says he feels the weight of history.

Quoth the President: "Man! This stuff is heavy!"


At 19/1/05 23:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"TIGER HAND! RAWR!!!!! RAWRR! rar. Hahaaa, hi. Tiger Hand. Come on! You Know! ... You don't know Tiger Hand?
Tiger Hand beats paper. Like totally beats paper. Always. Ask Aziz, he knows."


At 20/1/05 13:00, Blogger Betsy said...

"We are the pupet masters! Muahahahahaha!"

At 20/1/05 22:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

QUESTION: Dr. Rice, how do you feel about the United States getting more involved in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict?

RICE: Ooooooh, that's icky!

At 22/1/05 12:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"his balls were this big, i could hardly fit his cock in my mouth"!

At 15/8/07 20:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

saddam was big and nasty, he had claws like razors, and ate mans eyeballs for dinner, he shot fireballs from his eyes and was ten feet tall. they said he couldn't be killed by a bullet, but our heroic troops stormed his death castle and with the help of magyver used the moons gravity to pull to rip him apart, and the Iraqis lived happily ever after


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