February 13, 2005

First AIDS

From BBC NEWS | Health: HIV 'could destroy cancer cells'

Can you imagine trying to sell this to a patient?

Doctor: I have good news and bad news.
Patient: I'll take the bad news first.
D: You have cancer of the everything.
P: Oh my god. I... I... The everything?
D: Don't worry, there's good news, too.
P: What's that?
D: We've developed a cure for cancer.
P: What? Holy crap! That's incredible! What is it?
D: We're going to give you HIV!
P: Ummm...
D: You don't seem overjoyed.
P: Well... Isn't HIV kind of, uh, fatal?
D: Not this HIV. We've genetically engineered it!
P: Oh.
D: And everybody knows that there are no gaps in biological knowledge about the consequences of genetic engineering!
P: HIV, though? Really?
D: Oh, don't be such a scaredy-cat. Now come on, roll up your sleeve, we'll inject it now.
D: [turns around] Wha..?

[Patient runs from the room]

D: Come back! You forgot your Ebola supplements!



At 14/2/05 22:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As crazy as this sounds, it does have potential. They are already trying shit like this with Adenoviruses and herpes viruses. You just gotta believe!... and maybe wait another 50 years before volunteering for a clinical trial.



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