March 13, 2005

Raise Your Seatbacks, We're About to Bland

I was booking some flights this evening, and was more than a little amused at the different meal preferences I could choose from:

Is that for all their Puritan customers, do you think?


At 14/3/05 14:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, don't do it! Or we'll all start calling you Blandrew.

Pretty snooty airline, with meals and everything. Where are you going?

At 15/3/05 19:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

on the piss mate. me and big nige. love the sauce. how is it going mate. love the sauce !!! big time. nigev is drinking from the gay cup... just add water and the gay gug loses his pants. enough from me... over to it...not comin to motreal heard you might be goin to india with dan........ good luck!!! seriously hope ou and allison are cool.

At 15/3/05 23:48, Blogger Andrew said...

Anonymous #1: I'm going to Florida for a wedding.

"Anonymous" #2 (aka Andrew and Nigel Murray of Aberdeen, Scotland-- I know where you live): what are you lads like?


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