April 28, 2005

Babelfish Poetry, Part I

AltaVista's usefulness as a search engine may have faded over the years, but its Babelfish translation engine still provides a fun way to pass the time. To wit: please enjoy the following 'poem', created by fitting together lines taken from an Italian op-ed piece, and translated by Babelfish.

"Blue Eyes, Much Sad"

The small Heron Badillo
Condemned from one serious shape of leukaemia.
Heron did not have more a hat;
We only waited for that it died.
The child returns to you,
To house has said: ' I have fame'.

He has said himself also
Of sacred images that cry
And storcono the eyes;
To Immense, city abruzzese,
A donnetta recognized in a small cuttlefish bone
The plagued face of the Redentore.

Perhaps but I, because sinner,
Did not feel that the wax,
Incense scent that burnt,
The heavy air of the heated crowd.
Tawny-verdognola complexion, the blackest hats:
Dress white man tending to the blue, perfect Italian.

Its figure gave off luminous beams;
They saw with of the flowers between the arms,
While an alsacian peasant described it with a ghiacciolo,
Symbol of the scarcity, in the left hand,
And the other three ears:
Then the time of the abundance comes.

This incomprensibile weft has been entrusted
To "one small signorinella more young person of the sin",
Witness without malizia of an extraordinary event.

I await my literary award.


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