April 06, 2005

Elevator? I Hardly Know 'er!

From Netscape News: Deliveryman Stuck in Elevator Four Days

"NEW YORK (AP) - A deliveryman who vanished after taking Chinese food to a Bronx apartment complex was found alive Tuesday after apparently spending four days trapped in an elevator that had become stuck between floors.

Ming Kuang Chen, 35, had been the subject of a widespread search after he failed to return to his restaurant Friday with $200 in receipts."

I like that the search was launched because he owed them $200, not because they were particularly worried about him or his safety.

Firefighters were called to the apartment complex early Tuesday after getting a complaint that someone was stuck in the elevator.

"They said, 'We think the guy's drunk. We can't understand him,' " fire Lt. Peter Chadwick told The New York Times. "Little did they know he wasn't drunk, but probably feeling the effects of being in an elevator'' for days."

Or speaking Chinese?

I made up another joke today:

Q. What advice did the father mole give to his son as he was leaving for college?
A. Neither a burrower nor a lender be.

Bonus punchline: the father mole's name was 'Molonius'.

Ah, Shakespeare puns. Cristina, if you're reading, that was for you.


At 6/4/05 09:34, Anonymous Cristina said...

I WAS reading it!! Wow, my very own pun....what a joyous day!!!

At 6/4/05 18:05, Blogger Andrew said...

It's not your pun, Cristina. It belongs to the ages.


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