April 25, 2005


With only ten days left to the British general election, Tory leader Michael Howard has shifted his campaign almost entirely to character attacks on the Prime Minister, repeatedly calling Mr Blair a liar. Howard claims that Blair lied about Iraq, lied about not raising taxes, and is still lying in order to win this election.

Well, allegations of lying are a pretty serious matter. Indeed, as Mr Howard himself says, "It is time for the British people to take a stand" against dishonesty in politics. Like in November of 2002, when (Conservative leader) Michael Howard said: "I will never stand again for the leadership of the Conservative Party". Or earlier that month, when he promised "to work tirelessly" not to let his party down, despite having voted the week before against a proposal to introduce morning sessions of the Commons. Or, in the same speech, the way he called the Conservatives a party that was "broad in appeal", despite the fact that in the last election they won only one seat in the whole of Scotland, N. Ireland, and Wales. The proof of Mr Howard's own dishonesty is, as they say, in the pudding. Which is why I heartily encourage all of you to call him on +(0)20 7219 5383, and ask him about the importance of telling the truth.

This message is in no way endorsed by the Labour party or its members, but I bet they appreciate it nonetheless.


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