April 07, 2005

Marvel At It

Here's something that's doing the rounds at the moment... From Netscape News:

That, folks, is the first page of a new Colombian comicbook titled "El Increible Homopater"-- or, in English, "The Incredible Popeman." (More pictures are also posted at Carbongeek.)

The first issue will presently be going on sale (in Colombia and Poland only at this point, I'm sorry to say), and will follow the Incredible Popeman as he meets with established superheroes, such as Batman and Superman, and learns from them how to fight Satan (which, if I may so, is the most unoriginal name for a comic book villain I've ever heard).

The Incredible Popeman's costume includes a yellow "anti-Devil cape" and green "chastity pants". He also has superpowers above and beyond his earthly infallibility, which is good because, man, what a lame superpower that is. ("I'm going to shoot you in the head now, Popeman!"; "Yeah, you just try it. I can't do anything wrong.")

I can't shake the feeling that this is some kind of hoax.


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