April 13, 2005

Studying is Fun!

From Disturbing the Nest: Family Change and Decline in Modern Societies, by David Popenoe:

"It is reasonable to say that with modernization almost everything about the Western household changed, except its size and composition. Yet even its size changed . . . and its composition changed also." (67, emphasis, believe it or not, in the original.)

And you just know that in my exam on this tomorrow, there's going to be a question along the lines of: "Does Popenoe think that the size and composition of Western households changed with modernization?" After which I will cry a bitter tear of frustration and then eat my answer booklet.


At 14/4/05 14:19, Blogger Mariana said...

I'm wondering where he got the idea that families live in nests!

...ha ...ha... Ok I'm not as funny as you. I'm just writing to say I'm pleased that you didn't wait till Friday to update! Keep on keeping me from studying!


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